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On the trials that beget "re-blossoming."
Much has been said about the great unfurling in our post-pandemic lives, marked by change, progress, and transition. But even before all this, Katrina Cuenca's brand of abstraction has long been suspended in this kind of cool unraveling. Her work is characterized by ...
Which came first: the real or the abstract?
Abstract art can be confusing as hell. There is no logical criteria around here. It isn't rooted in reality nor is it rooted in any figurative enterprise. The viewer is forced to ascribe meaning on these pieces. Most of the time, it ...
Looking to buy some art?
Artist couple Brian Uhing and his wife S-Ann Ch’I’s show featuring their independent works at Bigboy Cheng’s Secret Fresh Gallery is arguably the hottest art show on the calendar this month. The two-in-one show is dubbed “Brian Uhing: The Creatures of Swag” ...
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