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Luxury gifts are no longer just reserved for Hollywood titans.
There’s a scene in the 2006 episode of The Sopranos, ‘Luxury Lounge’, where Christopher Moltisanti randomly finds himself in a celebrity gifting suite with the actor Sir Ben Kingsley. He looks around the room, mouth agog, big brows furrowed, at all the pricey ...
The narratives that shaped this year’s awards season are more interesting than the actual ceremonies
It’s become a bit trite by now to dismiss awards season as a tedious Hollywood ritual. Every year, film Twitter rehashes its consensus: the Oscars don’t represent the best in cinema, the Academy’s tastes are a big joke, Actor X should have ...
The Academy Awards are known for honoring some less-than-stellar films, but here are ten Best Picture winners that deserved the award.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a deeply compromised, willfully out-of-touch, and fundamentally lazy monolith that can't stop tripping over its own dick. The creation of Oscar Bait—the blandly high-toned films pumped out to earn nominations and fade from ...
La La Land won Best Picture...that is, until Moonlight won instead.
When Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway came together to announce the winner of this year's Oscar for Best Picture, he stumbled. Then he said: "La La Land."The film's producers came up on stage, gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, and then—something happened. The ...
So many tears. So much snot.
Nobody is saying Oscar bait movies are bad—it's just that their intentions are so obvious. Why else is Casey Affleck playing a depressed single guy with a tragic past taking care of a kid whose dad dies young? What other purpose is ...
The true stories behind the most shocking, scandalous and moving Oscars moments.
The Academy Awards are Hollywood's Super Bowl. While the annual telecast may seem over self-congratulatory at times, it's the most important night in show business. The show not only celebrates a medium that brings people from all over the world together, but ...
We're not campaigning. We're just honoring Damien Chazelle's skills.
So just like everybody else, you've just seen La La Land and now there’s a Hollywood sign-shaped hole in your heart. From what I’ve seen, La La Land has become the gateway film for people who didn’t think they’d ever be into a ...
(Because they weren't meant to be immortalized with a golden statuette)
Let’s get a few things straightened out before we dive into this list and you all pick up the pitchforks.First, while the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is widely considered the most powerful award-giving body in Hollywood, their recognition ...
This video proves that Best Animated Feature is the only category the Oscars always get right.
A lot of bad movies have won Best Picture at the Oscars. (LOL Crash.) And the Academy voters regularly screw up most of the other categories. But one they've gotten right every single year since it began in 2001 is Best Animated ...
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