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It's hard to pick a watch when the apocalypse is never-ending. Hard, but not impossible!
Adam Driver stepped out into the picture-postcard scene that is the Cannes Film Festival, and things looked normal. We're having actual film festivals for a start. But as photographers snapped, and billionaires bobbed up and down in the background on an azure ...
Just dare order an 'expresso' in front of this guy.
The world is a little brighter, and that is not due to the arrival of spring in parts of Europe but the arrival of Adam Driver in parts of Europe, looking enjoyably un-Adam Driver and showing some sprezzatura while shooting Ridley Scott's ...
Things were actually sort of OK before Bezos ruined absolutely everything.
In the land before zero hours contracts, in an age prior to frozen pay packets and board members that never learned to share as children, billionaires weren't all that bad. No, really. They weren't chinless sociopaths who had the money for new chins. ...
The Marriage Story and Star Wars actor reportedly walked out of an NPR interview earlier this month.
Adam Driver doesn't take boring roles. In the last few years he's gone undercover in the KKK in BlacKkKlansmen, he's done shirtless Forcetime in Star Wars, and he's sung Sondheim in front of a piano bar in Marriage Story. And whether it's a Disney blockbuster ...
Bill Murray! Adam Driver! Tilda Swinton! All battling the undead!
Some people think we're living in a new era of "elevated horror," but we've long been in a Prestige Zombie Era. The Walking Dead just wrapped its ninth season on AMC (and its spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead's fifth season begins this summer). We've ...
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