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It preserves the original glory of the building.
Most of us have a mental image of what a fast food restaurant looks like: hard linoleum tables and even harder chairs, soda-stained floors, bright lights that give you a headache as soon as you finish your value meal. It's always refreshing ...
From Watchmen to His Dark Materials and The Witcher, here are the biggest sci-fi and fantasy adaptions heading to the screen.
When Game of Thrones became the world’s biggest TV show, die-hards of the A Song of Ice and Fire series suddenly found themselves in a strange position when it became such a pop culture phenomenon that it was socially acceptable to beef over who ...
Why we need another Zaturnnah remake.
It’s impossible not to know about Zsazsa Zaturnnah. For some, the image of the flame-haired heroine occupies more of a background space in their minds, but for others, Zaturnnah brings to life everything they’ve ever fought for—or against. Soft-mannered Ada and her ...
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