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We asked HR heads and executives what parts of your resume catch their eye.
When it comes finding the right candidate for the job, human resources managers are often faced with piles of resumes. So when they’re trying to sift through applicants in the shortest amount of time possible, what details catch their eye? ‘There is ...
Your cheat sheet to your next interview.
It’s job-hunting season, and your best chance at acing your interviews is by coming well-prepared. Apart from researching about the company, it really helps to prepare your answers to questions your interviewers are most likely to ask. We consulted HR managers and ...
How to cut the umbilical cord.
It’s perfectly natural to have a good relationship with your mom. After all, it’s often said that the way a man treats his mother is an indication of how he’ll treat his girlfriend, right? However, no woman wants to be with a ...
John Gokongwei, Jr., once sold soap at the public market; now he is one of the Philippines' wealthiest individuals.
John Gokongwei, Jr. is a force to reckon with. In his 90s, he is still a top player in the Philippine economy, and has consistently retained a spot on Forbes' annual Billionaires List. His net worth is $4.4 billion.Gokongwei, Jr. is the founder ...
Agot Isidro, Cherie Gil, Iza Calzado, and the country's top models tell you how to get them to like you.
A beautiful woman is like a mirage. You can never be quite sure. The more confident ones would take a swig of gin then go for it, while others would cower in the corner, shrouded by intimidation, hesitation, and the feeling of inadequacy, ...
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