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The chief customer officer has been responsible for keeping Aesop's signature retail experience consistent for more than 30 years.
Every Aesop store has interesting design details unique to each location, but what stays the same in every outpost is the retail experience—starting with that signature Aesop scent that wafts through when you enter that leads to in-depth conversations about skincare concerns with the in-store consultants.Suzanne Santos, the brand's chief ...
Far from the typical grays and whites.
Aesop is known for several things, and a neutral minimalist store is one of them. So, imagine our surprise when we saw that the Australian skincare brand's latest outpost in the country had glossy finishes of orange and gold. It's shockingly different, and extremely ...
The trio of knockout scents comes from master perfumer Barnabé Fillion.
Since Aesop dipped its toe into the fragrance pool, the skincare brand has only introduced a select number of scents over the years. The first dates back to 2005 while the latest, Rozu, came out last year. So, it's a welcome surprise that Aesop ...
Aesop introduces three Aromatique Candles that promise to soothe away the madness.
If you haven’t experienced the bliss of a scented candle, you’re missing out. Lighting the white wick of a weighty taper, allowing the candle’s scent to swell and then swallow a room, getting lost in the wriggling shadows that erupt on walls, ...
Aesop introduces a new formula designed to pack moisture and nourishment to dead-tired skin. 
Some men like to live dangerously. Why watch one episode of The Wire when you can power through nine episodes in a day? Why stop at the triple-patty burger when you can get the fat burrito, the bowl of pasta, and the curly fries ...
The rose-soaked Rozu changes its profile depending on who wears it. 
Not a lot of people know that Aesop makes amazing scents. Found among its popular skincare potions and body care tubes are fragrances so distinct they're like being tickled by a dream. The Marrakech is animalistic, the Tacit recalls the Mediterranean coast, and the ...
The first outpost of the Australian luxury skincare company in Manila does not promise to rearrange your face into a vision of perfect youth. Instead, it will help your skin become stronger and healthier. 
Though the same stuff your wife or girlfriend slaps on her skin will also work for your leather face, you’re still wary of things that come in pretty little pots. That’s the effect of marketing. In reality, skincare is genderless. Formulas that ...
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