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The Philippines described its pledge as 'modest.'
The Philippines has pledged to provide financial aid to Afghanistan as the country faces an upheaval brought about by a transition of power. Evan Garcia, the Philippines' permanent representative at the U.N. office in Geneva, responded to the appeal of the United Nations ...
What will happen to them now?
The War in Afghanistan is over, to the great shock and sorrow of many. The U.S. troops have pulled out, the Afghan president is nowhere to be found, and the civilians? Well, as in every war, it’s always the innocents and the ...
The Taliban’s war on art is the most abhorrent legacy anyone ever made.
First, they destroyed television sets. Then they destroyed heritage sites. Since 1992, the Taliban’s war on art is the most revolting and senseless crusade anyone has ever accomplished. That feat is only rivalled by the destruction of ancient relics and artifacts by ...
The political unrest happening on the ground is also affecting Afghan skies.
International news has been flooded with reports on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Kabul has fallen, the U.S. troops have retreated, and thousands of Afghan civilians and foreign diplomats are rushing to leave the newly conquered Taliban territory.The political unrest happening on ...
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