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It’s young people in their 20s who fear death the most.
In a McCann WorldGroup Research that surveyed 28,000 people across 36 countries, it was revealed that age has become literally just a number, and less a predictor of health and lifestyle. The results of the study have a lot of implications.People used ...
Like the honest plants that grow in my garden, life can be a wreath of harmony if we hold hands and stick them in the dirt together.
I like gardening because it is honest. Care well for your plants and they will flower in full or bear juicy fruit or just grow a multitude of leaves that will delight. Simply put, the more you toil in your woodland-style Piet Oudolf-esque ...
Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.
Being described as a "silent epidemic" a new survey has revealed the effects of loneliness on men and at what age a man is most likely to feel at his loneliest.As part of the Spotlight on Men month, which was launched by ...
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