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In Piddig, 58 native cows were inseminated with wagyu semen.
Piddig in Ilocos Norte is the hometown of Teofilo “Ilocano Shark” Yldefonso, the first Filipino Olympic medalist. The town also carved a name in history because of the Basi Revolt in 1807, which stemmed from the wine monopoly by the Spanish colonial ...
It helps lessen waste and oversupply.
As an agricultural company, iFarms’ objective is simple: to help Filipino farmers by integrating technology into heritage practices. Founded in 2015 by model-turned-techpreneur Jairus Ferrer, the homegrown agritech company aims “to empower and enrich our users with solutions that address transparency, quality, ...
There's no answer as to why prices have gone so low.
Vegetables are expensive. Here in Metro Manila, buying a kilo of cabbage at the supermarket could cost you up to P106, based on the latest survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority—and don't even get us started on the luxury known as broccoli. ...
Here's what you need to know.
The Department of Agriculture confirmed the African Swine Fever has hit the Philippines. Agriculture Secretary William Dar said that 14 out of the 20 pig blood samples sent for a laboratory test in the United Kingdom were found positive for African Swine ...
Here's an easy way you can help them out.
The Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) is the act of liberalizing the importation, exportation, and trading of rice, lifting for the purpose of the quantitative import restriction on rice. The RTL doesn't limit the number of importers to bring in rice, but an ...
For an agricultural country, it’s our farmers that suffer in the most.
Months prior to the passing of the controversial Rice Tariffication Law on February 15, 2019, analysts warned of the drastic toll the law would take on farmers—one of the marginalized groups in an ironically agricultural country. Their warnings proved true as seven ...
And how it spells trouble for the agricultural economy.
The Department of Agriculture (DA) has just confirmed that African Swine Fever (ASF) has reached the Philippines. In a press conference held earlier today, Agriculture Secretary William Dar disclosed that 14 of the 20 blood samples sent to a United Kingdom laboratory ...
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