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Think twice about tossing out that airline ticket.
After landing from a flight and queueing one’s way past the immigration desks, it’s typical for many passengers to just toss out their boarding passes. Few flyers know that that airline ticket can do more than just grant plane access. For some ...
Plus a look at some of the best airlines' top cabins and offerings.
Are you taking the practical route or are you overindulging? Below, we compare the different amenities between flying business class versus first class, and which type of cabin seats might suit your needs and wants better. Business class flights, as their name suggests, ...
PAL's recent four-star upgrade is also good news for the plebes in economy.
We're as thrilled as the next guy about snagging that one-peso fare at the next seat sale, but there comes a time in a man's life when he has to square his shoulders as he walks through the plane doors, and pivot left towards ...
Singapore Airlines says business class passengers on its new Boeing 787-10 planes will enjoy maximum comfort.
The popular vote in the air travel hierarchy has lately shifted to Business Class, with advanced features almost as good as First Class, but less expensive.In a groundbreaking event on March 28, Singapore Airlines and Boeing introduced an ergonomic answer to the ...
Where you’ll get the best VIP treatment.
Comfort, innovation, value, and safety.Those were the factors Airline Ratings, a safety and product review group, took into consideration when ranking the best first class airline cabins in the world. Etihad Airways, which offers a spacious first class “apartment,” ranked highest. The airline ...
It's the safest form of transport, but some carriers are better than others
However much people tell you that flying is statistically the safest form of transport, it's still hard not feel a teensy bit vulnerable when you're suspended 40,000 feet in the sky.So it's always calming to know that the airline you fly with ...
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