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Tag your beer buddy.
Tomas Morato’s charm for foodies hasn’t waned and it continues to be an incubator for new concepts thanks to its diverse mix of homegrown as well as international chain restaurants and bars. Recently, Dunkin’ Donuts even came up with its first drive-in ...
People seem to like their brandy.
Emperador Inc., is already the world’s largest brandy company, but it saw explosive growth in many other countries and regions around the world in 2020. The company, which is a unit of Andrew Tan-controlled Alliance Global Inc., reported that its flagship brandy business ...
Alcohol-free traveling is an emerging trend, but there’s much more to this phenomenon than meets the eye.
You’ve probably gone on at least one trip that revolved around drinking. Your main coordinator from the bunch would probably scout for the best bars, drinks, and clubs at your destination and create a legitimate itinerary around those spots. A pub crawl ...
Fundador Supremo 18 was named Best Brandy in the World 2019 by the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.
The International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) just named a brandy made by Filipino-owned Fundador the best brandy in the world. The IWSC named Fundador Supremo 18 the best brandy in the world under the category Brandy de Jerez, which refers to brandy matured in ...
Three ingredients take an otherwise boring brunch cocktail and turn it up for the fall.
Stick with brut champagne for this cocktail. While the tartness of orange juice leaves room for sparkling wine flexibility in regular mimosas, the sweetness in apple cider and cinnamon whiskey will be plenty. Anything more and you're looking at a sugar rush from hell.Earlier ...
The secret ingredient? A really good tequila.
There are endless ways to craft a margarita. Whether you prefer yours salty, slightly sweet, a little spicy, or smoky, the quality of the final product that's poured into your glass depends on one thing: the tequila.Tequila Herradura Silver has notes of citrus, ...
The stuff of legends.
One of the most popular beer brands in Japan, Kirin Ichiban is the stuff of legends—literally.Kirin Brewery takes its name from the qilin, a powerful creature from ancient Chinese mythology that resembles a long-necked deer. It’s also referred to as the Japanese ...
It's funky and delicious—and the best kind of rum you can drink.
Rum is back, not that it ever really went away. Some of your favorite classic drinks like the Daiquiri, Piña Cola, Dark ‘N’ Stormy, and Mojito all have that one powerful spirit in common. You probably enjoy rum all the time, and ...
This delightful summer cocktail was the precursor to the Negroni.
An Americano cocktail is a Negroni that soaked up a little too much Italian sunshine, and now, woozy and contented, would like to cool off with something not stiff, just rejuvenating. It's a Negroni that decided to take it easy this weekend. Which is ...
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