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The Tizon siblings made this song for Lola as a tribute when she passed away.
The Internet is being ripped apart by Alex Tizon's piece, "My Family's Slave," published in The Atlantic's June 2017 issue (and online on May 17). While some concerned folks are calling for charges to be brought against the Tizon family for their ...
Did “My Family’s Slave” get your attention? Here’s what else to look up
Alex Tizon’s piece in the June 2017 issue of The Atlantic has revived interest in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fil-Am journalist’s work just as it has sparked discussion about the Pinoy diaspora experience.So much has been said and written about “My Family’s Slave” ...
There's a cultural context to Lola's enslavement that non-Filipinos can never understand.
Editor's Note: Mike Ricca wrote this as a reaction to writer Josh Shahryar's tweets on Alex Tizon's viral "My Family's Slave" piece on The Atlantic.The two tweets from [Josh] Shahryar's longer response perfectly encapsulate why I feel non-Filipinos need to slow their roll before ...
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