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Join us as we stroll through social media for a crowd-free, stress-free pilgrimage to pay our respects.
Few countries observe All Saints' Day with the same devotion—and celebration—as we do. But even while we were all crowding the local cemeteries to pay our respects to our dearly departed, there are places in the world where visitors flock year-round to the final resting places of celebrities, rock ...
One of them killed a soldier just by breathing on him.
Those of us who have grown up Catholic tend to picture the saints as gentle martyrs with halos around their heads. We’re accustomed to stories of them having incorruptible corpses, visions of the future, stigmata, and healing powers. But have you ever ...
Remember your pets with these services.
It’s never easy to let go of furry friends when they cross to the afterlife. After all, our trusted companions have been with us for years, lending us bear hugs and showering us with kisses through the good and bad of moments. ...
Costume cues from Erwan Heussaff, Joe, Jonas, Neal Patrick Harris, Jay-Z, and more.
Some of us take Halloween seriously. If you're one of those people, then we're sure you've already commissioned your costume for this year's parties. If you're like the rest of us casuals, then you're probably sweating buckets trying to piece together something ...
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