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David Jacob has done it all—established a flourishing career, married the girl of his dreams, and found balance in work and play—and now he talks about his grand plans for the future.
Photographs by ARTU NEPOMUCENOStyled by PAOLO CHUAProduced by NICOLE LIMOS MORALESGrooming by CLAIRE SEELIN DIOKNODavid Jacob exudes the energy of a man between generations. His age—51 years young this year—suggests he belongs to the Generation X demographic: that of the cynical slackers ...
It is indeed a great time to be a woman.
Today’s Modern Swans are distinguished beyond the attractive and affluent class—the special few who once were part of American writer Truman Capote’s handpicked circle of moneyed and well-mannered doyennes— that once captivated the 1950s New York scene. Modern Swans are more than ...
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