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Stay in space, says his haters.
You don’t attain as much power as Jeff Bezos without gaining some enemies and critics along the way.Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos announced his plan to board the New Shepard, an upcoming space shuttle developed by his commercial space exploration company Blue ...
It’s a record, even for them.
Amazon, the ecommerce and tech behemoth, reported net sales of about $75.5 billion (about P3.8 trillion) during the first three months of 2020. That translates to earnings of almost $10,000 (about P500,000) every second during that period, according to calculations made by a ...
One show to rule them all.
In 2017, Amazon Originals splashed into the news when it purchased the global rights to a television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings for a cool $250 million. The modern Lord of the Rings films, directed by Peter Jackson and adapted from the beloved novels by J. ...
Environmentalists say the fires were started by humans.
A massive blaze in Brazil's Amazon rainforest is quickly gaining international attention. The Brazilian jungle, often referred to as the lungs of the entire planet (due to the significant amount of oxygen it produces) is in the midst of an intense blaze, ...
Unholy takes on holy traditions.
It doesn’t take much to anger the religious sector, especially when you take their sacred scriptures and “adapt” them to the small screen. Playing with people’s beliefs for entertainment’s sake is a surefire way of pissing people off and testing the limits ...
A new map has provided some pointers
Amazon's new map of Middle Earth has completely upended expectations for its upcoming Lord of the Rings series, suggesting that we're in for a totally different story to the tale of a young Aragorn which most fans had assumed was on the way.Nicely drawn maps ...
It seems so simple.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has opened up about the simple business hacks that helped him build a trillion dollar company.According to Axios, the entrepreneur, 54, was interviewed for over an hour in Washington last night, where he dished out advice to entrepreneurs and ...
Apple got there first, but well done all the same
Just weeks after globe-conquering tech giant Apple reached its $1 trillion value milestone, Amazon has joined them in crossing the threshold.It's been under 25 years since the company began selling books and CDs online, but the retailer now provides everything from retail, ...
There are alternate universes, wars between gods, and more than one kind of playboy.
With everyone watching shows online these days, it's becoming more common to subscribe to multiple streaming services. After all, streaming is way more convenient (and less, um, illegal) than downloading or taping shows on DVR. Among the streaming options available here in the ...
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