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Instead of looking at what Filipino heroes accomplished, maybe it is more important to recognize how they lived their lives and for whom.
It is often said that Philippine history is the history of the struggle of the many against the few. Our society concentrates power and resources at the hands of the few elite, while millions are left to fend for scraps and suffer ...
Exploring an alternate history.
Here’s a shocking piece of information: Emilio Aguinaldo had Andres Bonifacio executed after a sham trial in a bid to secure his power-base in the Katipunan, ultimately leading to a shift in revolutionary ideals and paving the way for American colonialism.But not to ...
Just like any successful startup, the Katipunan that Bonifacio founded also had its share of ups and downs.
Andres Bonifacio had the makings of a successful entrepreneur when he co-founded the Katipunan in 1892. He was very passionate about his idea to disrupt the 300-year-old Spanish colonial era in the Philippines.He was a revolutionary leader who knew how to execute ...
From opportunistic generals to kangaroo courts, some things don’t seem to change.
One hundred twenty-two years ago, one of the most pivotal events in Philippine history occurred: Two brothers, Andres and Procopio, were killed in the mountains of Marogondon. The execution of the Bonifacio brothers on Emilio Aguinaldo’s orders signified a new change in ...
The letter by Major Lazaro Macapagal, along with a confession of Emilio Aguinaldo’s involvement in Bonifacio’s death, is up for auction this month.
By now, historians have deciphered the extent to which President Emilio Aguinaldo was involved in Andres Bonifacio’s death. It is called the death sentence that would forever alter our nation’s history. On May 10, 1897, the founder of the Katipunan and the ...
Surprising tidbits about one of Pinoy history’s A-list heroes. For instance: how was his dental hygiene?
We see his face all over our shiny ten peso coins, use the annual holiday in his memory to go on out-of-town trips, or simply regard him as the man who fought for our freedom with his bolo. But how much do ...
One of the documents led Bonifacio to his early demise.
Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio’s rivalry was the Philippines’ most notorious and intriguing, it being peppered with secrets and deception that we have only recently begun to understand. Thanks to extremely historically important documents that have resurfaced after more than 100 years ...
These important pieces in Philippine history will go on the auction block on September 8.
“We can clone Andres Bonifacio and make him run for President!” a playful Lisa Guerrero Nakpil, curator of Leon Gallery, jokingly says of the Decalogue, formally titled “Katungkulang gagawin ng mga Z. L l . B, or Anak ng Bayan.” It is ...
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