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A smile can keep those emotions in check.
The Truly Rich Lady (that’s me!) is just like you. I, too, am not immune to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the dagger plunged into the heart by a friend, or the toe stubbed on the leg of a table ...
There is now the court of public opinion, a dour, unwinnable arena you never want to find yourself in.
Who hasn’t been in a situation where the intensity of emotion explodes into something else?Before you know it, as you do your darndest to contain a stupid heart that just wants to leap out of your throat, your voice reaches a shrill ...
No one is immune from bad customer service.
My Very Blunt Friend called me a She-Hulk yesterday. I deserved it.She witnessed me snap at an innocent telemarketer, who had only been trying to invite me to a new property. In six seconds, I went from quiet and lovely to green ...
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