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Donsol is doing something right.
A couple of new faces were among the old. This is what the latest whale shark survey in Donsol found out. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines identified 58 individual whale sharks during the organizations’ 2021 population survey, held annually ...
A gallon of the horseshoe crab blood costs roughly P3 million.
Horseshoe crabs are older than dinosaurs. They have been around for more than 300 million years. Once a year during the full moon, thousands of horseshoe crabs emerge from the depths of the ocean and gather on the beaches on the Atlantic ...
The 17 countries hold 70 percent of the world's plant and animal species.
For a country to be considered “megadiverse,” it has to have a super-rich biodiversity on land and in the sea. “Megadiverse Countries” is a term used to refer to the world’s top biodiversity-rich countries. Only 17 countries in the world can claim ...
The 19-year-old Philippine Eagle is named Mindanao.
Before flight became a human conquest, it was birds who ruled the skies. Even airplanes' aerodynamics were based on eagle's bodies. Cebu Pacific acknowledges this, that's why it has adopted a Philippine eagle to become its new ambassador. In celebration of Philippine Eagle Week, ...
'Hero Rat' Magawa cleared 2.4 million square feet of land.
Magawa is Cambodia’s most decorated rat. The African giant pouched rat has spent the last five years sniffing out land mines across the Southeast Asian nation. In September 2020, Magawa was awarded a prestigious gold medal for bravery from the British charity ...
The mighty blue whales have returned after 200 years.
The first confirmed sighting of blue whales in the Philippines was in 1758, and such occurrences had been scarce ever since. Blue whales were last sighted in the waters of the Philippines in the 19th century. The blue whale is the largest creature that ...
Pygmy hogs are only 10 inches tall.
The pygmy hog is the world’s smallest pig. They stand at 10 inches tall and weigh 15 to 20 pounds. They inhabit the Terai grasslands in North India and cannot survive in any other habitat. A century of land conversion was the main ...
It was rediscovered on a volcano island.
The Galapagos giant tortoise supposedly went extinct a century ago. But conservationists were pleasantly surprised when Ecuador confirmed that a giant tortoise discovered in 2019 in the Galápagos Islands was Chelonoidis phantasticus, the very same species declared extinct a hundred years ago. The ...
Doggo looked like he enjoyed it.
A 70-pound black labrador was taken for the ride of his life when a tiny tornado, aka a dust devil, picked up the doggo and twirled him in the air like a fluffy McFlurry. The wild moment was captured on a neighbor's CCTV. The ...
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