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NBA stars are wearing the brand’s shoes.
Anta is a sporting goods company headquartered in Jinjiang, China. It is the world’s third-largest sports group in the world, next only to Nike and Adidas, and number one in terms of revenue. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, you need only ...
“Stay Healthy. Stay Humble. Stay Hungry.”
Currently the number three seed in the West, the Golden State Warriors are all set for another run at an NBA championship with just a few weeks left before the Playoffs begin. After being away for over two years, Klay Thompson’s return ...
The Tyler Durden of basketball shoes.
Alex Caruso is, hands down, one of the NBA’s most exciting players. After thrilling the fans of Los Angeles the past four years, the Carushow is moving to the Windy City this season after the Chicago Bulls signed the 27-year-old guard to ...
It’s a marriage of urban streetwear and nature.
If you know sneakers, then Salehe Bembury should be a pretty familiar name. Versace’s ex-vice president of sneakers and men’s footwear has a long, impressive resume. Most remembered for his body of work with Yeezy, bembury is also known for being part ...
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