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Download MPT DriveHub starting March 1.
A new mobile app that promises mobility solutions for motorists has been launched ahead of the expected resurgence of travel. Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. (MPTC) is introducing MPT DriveHub, a mobile app that offers a host of features that aims to encourage ...
Or any US-based public company, for that matter.
Many people would like to start investing their money in the stock market but don’t exactly know where to start. More seasoned investors have dipped their toes into the local exchange and would like to diversify their portfolio by including global tech ...
Onora makes choosing funeral services easier.
Death is serious business. The global death care industry is projected to grow to $109.8 billion this year with a compound annual growth rate of 5.6 percent. Here in the Philippines, data is scarce, but a paper published in September 2020 said ...
Who's the cutest, though?
The Voila app is the latest craze sweeping social media, with many people curious to find out what they would look like as a character in an animated Disney film.We already turned some of the country’s most prominent historical and current political figures ...
Company says it is notifying affected individuals about the incident.
Online lending platform Cashalo has reported a security incident involving a company-only database archive on Saturday, February 20. In a statement emailed to Esquire Philippines, the company said an individual claimed to be in possession of a Cashalo customer database taken from ...
It uses augmented reality to let you see if you’re buying the right shoes.
Ever purchased a pair of kicks online, only to return them—or worse, not use them at all—because they don’t fit you the way you'd imagined they would? Well, now you can avoid experiencing that again.Wannaby, a Belarus-based tech company founded in 2017, ...
In the meantime, GrabRewards users can book (almost) free jeepney and P2P rides.
If you’re a regular Grab user and it feels like it’s getting more and more difficult to book a ride, you’re not alone. On Friday, December 14, it seemed like social media was exploding with angry and frustrated commuters who said it ...
And you can request to see it
The old adage you shouldn't write anything down that you wouldn't be happy to see on the side of a bus is increasingly important in a time where the Internet never forgets.In the case of Tinder, you might think your drunken sexts ...
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