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The Apple TV+ hit was originally planned for just three seasons—but could it go on for more?
Heavy is the head that wears the optimistic visor. Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso exploded onto the scene in 2020, offering a much-needed dose of good attitude to the dreary TV landscape, but the lingering question was, could they recreate that magic in Season Two? The ...
The animated short was born from a former Disney animator’s own experience.
Trying to find inspiration for art is perhaps one of the most challenging parts of being a creator. There’s a belief that experience is the most authentic way for an artist to feel inspired. But what happens when something unexpected happens—an experience ...
No more streaming 'Doomsday Preppers' to your TV via your iPhone or iPad.
If you've been wondering why your attempts to play Netflix on your TV via your iPhone or iPad have suddenly become completely fruitless, it's because Netflix has suddenly pulled its iOS app's AirPlay feature and it's unlikely to be reinstated any time ...
Oprah, Jason Momoa, and Steven Spielberg are just a few attached to the new streaming service.
Once you get done checking your monthly budget for all these streaming services, you might want to carve out a couple extra bucks because Apple is officially getting into the streaming service game. Last March 25, Apple announced that it is planning to launch ...
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