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It helps lessen waste and oversupply.
As an agricultural company, iFarms’ objective is simple: to help Filipino farmers by integrating technology into heritage practices. Founded in 2015 by model-turned-techpreneur Jairus Ferrer, the homegrown agritech company aims “to empower and enrich our users with solutions that address transparency, quality, ...
We found a modern-day local crop circle artist who drew animals at the heart of BGC.
Whether just trying to stay fit or taking a more serious commitment to train for a marathon, it takes a lot of motivation to continuously do it on a regular basis. Despite this guy’s busy schedule as an executive for a famous ...
The app is also launching a payments platform soon.
Many of us use messaging apps to communicate with loved ones, friends, work associates, and even strangers. They’ve become so indispensable to everyday life that we hardly give a second thought about the kind of information that we’re sending out. Privacy is ...
Here’s a ranking of the countries where TikTok is most downloaded.
TikTok is no stranger to controversy. The Chinese social media app, which has exploded in popularity in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, has been banned in countries like India and Armenia, and has faced scrutiny from the Trump administration in ...
Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr, Happn, Clue, and MyDays have been tagged.
What will you do when one day, you find out that your sexual activities and preferences, mood information, and intimate data are out in the open and being used to manipulate what you see on the Internet?That’s exactly what is happening with ...
The apps have been deleted on Google Play, but may still exist on your Android phone.
Last week, ESET researchers exposed a year-long adware campaign on Google Play. It tracked down its operator, which made use of multiple developer names and several tricks to avoid detection on your mobile phone.The following are the 21 apps that use adware ...
Get these apps to ease up on your daily stress.
Having zero time to go out and do essential daily tasks yourself is inescapable. These days, you don’t have to worry about falling behind because, now, there's an app for practically anything. With just one click, you can find trusted people to do your grocery ...
Your next adventure is just a few taps away.
If you're a frequent traveler, then you know the struggles of manually searching for cheap flights all too well. Thankfully, those days are over. Because, now, there are several apps that will help you score the best airline deals. Here are some of the ...
There are more free messaging apps out there aside from Facebook Messenger.
Among the various free messaging apps available, Facebook Messenger looks to be the app of choice in the Philippines. According to the report Digital in 2019, 89 percent of the country’s internet population uses Messenger. That translates to around 67.6 million internet users ...
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