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The houses are typhoon-proof and affordable.
As the Philippines’ infrastructure industry continues to turn to sustainable solutions, one humble building material remains underutilized: bamboo. And with September as World Bamboo Month, a pioneer in bamboo construction renews its call for architects, engineers, and developers to reconsider this highly ...
The Bamboo Ring Project by Kengo Kuma and Oppo will be on display in the 2021 Milan Design Week.
Art in itself is a dynamic thing. Creatives everywhere are inclined to push the envelope with new ideas, creations, and pretty much anything that can be considered innovative. The newness that comes with art takes up many shapes and forms, whether it’s ...
The architect blends the giant clamshell design with local context and culture.
Deo Alrashid Alam is an architect who grew up in Zamboanga City and is the founder of his own architecture and design company, DADA, or Deo Alrashid Alam Design Architecture. According to the website, two of DADA's visions are “to conceptualize and ...
It preserves the original glory of the building.
Most of us have a mental image of what a fast food restaurant looks like: hard linoleum tables and even harder chairs, soda-stained floors, bright lights that give you a headache as soon as you finish your value meal. It's always refreshing ...
The Coconut Palace is a prime example of Filipino vernacular architecture.
The famed Coconut Palace in Pasay was built by Imelda Marcos in 1978 as a guest house for Pope John Paul II for his papal visit in the Philippines in 1981. But instead of living in the palace, which the Pope described ...
Urban environments, the prime hubs for disease outbreaks, must emphasize sustainability and decrease waste and pollution.
“The coronavirus will change how cities function,” says Charmaine Chan, design editor of the South China Morning Post. “I hope it makes them more resilient places.”Chan spoke with a panel of industry experts in a recent webinar moderated by Catherine Feliciano-Chon, founder of communications ...
One of the proposed designs incorporates a solar energy-powered roof.
After a devastating fire gutted parts of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the French government announced an international competition to redesign the Notre Dame spire. One of the designs gaining public interest is a glass roof and spire that can harness ...
Some destructions were fatal.
The 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the Philippines on April 22, 2019 left many in Luzon shaken. In its wake, the natural occurrence left more than just a couple of items out of place. Operations were immediately halted in transportation systems, road and ...
Something to be proud of
Here’s some good news that will make fellow Filipinos proud: Lexus has announced the six Lexus Design Award finalists for 2019, and one of them is a Filipino architecture graduate from Saint Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines. Yes! The fellow went to school where our editor-in-chief ...
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