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"Let's try to uplift, be positive about our country."
So many people I know are leaving the country, going to Spain, to Portugal for a golden visa. It put me in a quandary. Who am I? What is it to be Filipino? Is there an instruction manual? Is there something like ...
There will be talks, workshops, multi-level art exhibitions, and more.
Art Fair Philippines is now on its 10th year in adhering to its mission to expand the audience of contemporary art in the Philippines.Art writer and Art Fair Philippines co-founder Trickie Lopa said they have made a noteworthy progress since they put ...
Galeria Paloma's "phygital" art exhibit explores both physical and digital art.
The metaverse has increasingly reflected the realities of our physical universe. It basically bridges the gap between two realms. With it, we've unraveled new layers to appreciate the augmented and physical realities of art in both digital and new media landscapes. The ...
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