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They’re not exactly the photographs you’d see on Instagram.
Get some of the country’s top photographers together and talk naturally gravitates toward old “war” stories. Like that time Francisco “Paco” Guerrero was on his way to photograph the President of the Philippines in Malacañang and it was at that moment when ...
In the age of likes and swipes, top photographer Tom Epperson presents images that invite conversation and consideration.
The age of influence has changed the game: Likes land on the bold and shiny. Shares happen around the cool. People gravitate toward what's popular, which can be what's noisy, what's quick, and maybe what's obvious. “Social media is the driving force right ...
Drawings and paintings made during the artist's most prolific period will be exhibited and be up for sale at Art Fair Philippines.
About 25 drawings of the late Mauro “Malang” Santos, which have never before been shown to the public, will be part of a special exhibition at Art Fair Philippines.Soler Santos, the acclaimed artist’s youngest son, and himself a visual artist, says there ...
The half-French, half-Filipina artist is going back to her roots for her exhibition at Art Fair Philippines this year
She may not be aware of it, but in just a few years, Olivia d’Aboville has become one of the leading figures of modern Philippine art. The half-French, half-Filipina artist nursed an interest in biology growing up, but eventually elected to pursue ...
The country's largest art fair was canceled just a little over a week before its scheduled opening.
Art Stage Singapore, one of the country’s largest contemporary art fairs in the last eight years, was canceled just a little over a week before its scheduled launch on January 24. Prestige Online published in full an email Art Stage Singapore president ...
Otherwise known as the reasons you should definitely drop by from February 16 to 19.
If, for lovers, there's Valentine's Day, for artists and art enthusiasts, February is especially exciting because of Art Fair Philippines. It's the fifth installment of the art bonanza and it's only gotten bigger and much more exciting.Co-organizer Trickie Lopa, in an interview ...
She interprets Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, for her special exhibition at the Art Fair Philippines 2017.
Looming tropical flora hover above, shielding sculptures of sacred entities that are strewn across the backyard, sharing its home with live chickens that cackle around the land. Agnes Arellano’s workspace is immediately transporting—a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the city that ...
Maria Jeona Zoleta is one of the younger artists granted a space at the upcoming Art Fair Philippines 2017, as a part of the lineup for their ARTFAIRPH/PROJECTS exhibition. Her crazy bubblegum pop personality will take you on quite the ride.
When entering the lair of 28-year-old artist Maria Jeona Zoleta, one must approach with caution, for her world is a realm that is psychedelic and surreal, filled with tales of self-discovery, becoming, sex, and pain. She explores the themes of sexuality, love, ...
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