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Artefino launches a shopping portal with life-in-quarantine goods at lower price points.
Artefino carved out a niche in Manila’s tempestuous retail scene by positioning itself as the launchpad for proudly Filipino goods and their gifted makers, the artisans, in 2017. The itty bitty gold jewelry, the giant rattan baskets, and the woven coats of ...
“This necklace doesn’t fit my neck because I ate bread yesterday.”
Forget the opening of that chi-chi international boutique, the golden anniversary of the ballet, or the super exclusive lunch with Ms. Marda. This weekend, the only place to be was at an artisanal fair filled with handmade sustainable goods from the motherland. The ...
Delicious local artisanal food and drinks await!
ArteFino, the annual Philippine crafts fair and a haven for indigenous and artisanal finds, launched Eats by ArteFino in partnership with Town & Country and Rockwell Land at the function room of the Edades Tower in Rockwell.Celebrating the food and drink purveyors ...
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