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The celebrated Filipino painter keeps his art and hope alive.
There's lots to see and think about each time one sees the works of contemporary Filipino painter Elmer Borlongan. Fondly referred to as Emong and best known for his mastery of the figurative expressionism art style, his pieces (specifically, the faces) is recognizable ...
A ‘mystic recluse’ in Paris, Nena Saguil translated her innerscapes into concentric figures. 
While the world celebrates the playful art of Yayoi Kusama, Filipinos need to know that there was a artist from our country who was way ahead of her time, employing concentric figures in a more contemplative manner.At a time when Philippine art ...
What do you think?
Lexus is no stranger to art. The luxury Japanese carmaker has a long history of supporting creative endeavors outside of the automotive industry. This time, the company partnered with three well-known artists to reimagine the interiors of its newest battery electric vehicle, ...
Katrin De Guia is an artist, an academic, a mother, and wife, not necessarily in that order.
When people talk about the spouses of renowned businessmen, artists or celebrities, they’re often described as “the woman behind the personality.” But Katrin De Guia would rather be known as standing beside her husband. While the focus has mostly been on Kidlat ...
Likhain, aka Mia Sereno, was recognized as "Best Fan Artist" at the 2019 Hugo Awards in Dublin.
Artist Mia Sereno, who also goes by the pseudonym Likhain, just became the second Filipino Hugo Award winner to ever be recognized by the prestigious literary body. Sereno won “Best Fan Artist” in the 2019 Hugo Awards, which were held during the ...
With something of a Midas Touch, the Filipino artist recently worked on 'Hello, Universe,' authored by Filipino-American Erin Entrada Kelly, which won the Newbery Medal.
When people first meet Isabel Roxas, many of them marvel at her job title as a children’s book illustrator. When this happens, Roxas and her colleagues just give each other a look that telepathically sends the message, “Oh, you have no idea…”The ...
Listen to music by the late National Artist for Music Jose Montserrat Maceda, born 100 years ago.
In commemoration of the birth centennial of the late National Artist for Music Jose Montserrat Maceda (1917-2004), the University of the Philippines Center for Ethnomusicology and the Cultural Center of the Philippines present the exhibit “Attitude of the Mind.” Co-curated by Dayang ...
The artists have concealed their identities and not much is known about them except that they hail from Cebu.
If you’ve noticed something slightly different around the premises of the Cultural Center of the Philippines recently, chalk it up to “Low Pressurized Areas,” a playful, mischievous exhibit by the street art collective KoloWn. Not much is publicly known about the group ...
Salvador Dali’s sumptuous cookbook sees a reprint for the first time since 1973.
“Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure—that of being Salvador Dalí,” Salvador Dalí famously said. There’s no denying that the Spanish artist knew how to live life to the fullest. At the very least, he and his wife, ...
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