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Using objects such as passports, mahjong sets, and Russian dolls, the following artists pay tribute to their moms and the complexity of being a mother.
Mother's—they are women first, with dreams, fears, and memories. It can be unsettling to realize that they are not infallible, but paying honest tribute to them entails embracing their past and all the complexities that come with it.  This idea is explored in ...
The paintings and photos of Avon’s #SpeakOut Collective raise funds for women’s organizations around the country.  
Though the Philippines leads in certain aspects of gender equality and women’s rights—more companies, for example, install females in leadership roles—there is still much to be done to celebrate, uplift, and protect women in the country.To remind you about what lies beneath ...
It’s a record price for the contemporary Filipino artist.  
If you’re going by the weekend sale of that massive mural-style Elmer Borlongan painting and other notable artworks and pieces, then you can say that the want—the need!—for beautiful things is alive and well in Manila.At Salcedo Auction’s Important Philippine Art & Furniture sale, the 13-by-14-feet ...
Gilda Cordero-Fernando taught writers what they should want to be.
Me at 12, frozen in the afternoon light in our small living room extension, looking out at a backyard of tall and unkept grass. The phone is ringing. A record is playing. This might have been the summer when girls happened to ...
Why not become art today?
Got nothing to do? Virtual museums, YouTube time-eaters, TikTok not doing it for you? If you’ve burned through the good (and the bad) stuff on Netflix or don’t have the bandwidth to, as well-meaning people suggest, read a book or learn a ...
You can even pay at 7-Eleven!
The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) often gets crowded during big events, and braving the traffic just to buy tickets to its coveted shows can be very taxing. Some of the most sought after shows at the CCP are the Pasinaya every ...
There's a free event on August 15.
With all the recent restoration efforts being carried out in Intramuros, going to the Walled City of Manila has become even more inspiring. We saw the opening of Museo de Intramuros in May, and we're looking forward to the launch of Maestranza ...
On July 20 and 21, memorabilia from the Quezon Residence will go under the gavel in an online auction.
Mention New Manila and a genteel and refined image of the Philippines’ old rich immediately comes to mind. The area was once populated by the country's most affluent and influential who did not only run the Philippines’ major businesses but also the ...
Some of the world’s best art and artifacts can be found at galleries in New York. Indulge in art and fashion at one of the city's many museums.
The only place one can be simultaneously lost and then found is within a museum’s hallowed walls. Among priceless pieces of art and artifacts from the dawn of civilization is one's personal sense of wonder, which in these modern times is often ...
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