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Whether you're using a bazooka camera lenses or just a smartphone.
From smartphones to high-tech computer-assisted camera set ups with giant lenses, it really takes a good archer and a straight arrow to shoot a great lunar photo. We asked some experienced amateur and professional photographers and astronomy experts for some tips and ...
PAGASA gives an answer.
You might have seen pictures online of strange candle-shaped lights floating in the Sulu night sky, and like us, you likely have questions. No, unfortunately the strange shapes weren't aliens, but they are as interesting. The phenomenon was caused by ice crystals ...
The beautiful and moving new documentary tells an incredible story with unflinching, measured calmness.
One of the most jaw-dropping shots in Apollo 11, the revelatory new archive-based documentary about the 1969 moon landing, wasn't filmed anywhere near the moon. To be exact, it was shot about 250,000 miles away in Houston, Texas.A slightly wobbly camera held at ...
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