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The winners will take the world stage with international residency grants from partners of Ateneo Art Gallery.
To say art is a reflection of society is barely scratching the surface of what art truly is and what it can be.While it may be viewed as an expression of an artist’s personal story, commentary, opinion, or experience, art can speak ...
The 2018 Ateneo Art Awards celebrates explorations beyond boundaries.
One of the more attention-grabbing pieces at the 2018 Ateneo Art Awards is Robert Langenegger’s Only Dog Can Judge Me: a still life of a feast of meat and dog food painted on a framed canvas. In breaking the traditional barrier between two ...
Get your culture fix by viewing some of the country's best new works of art in one exhibit, as the finalists are announced.
If you’re someone who likes the idea of whiling away a rainy afternoon at an art gallery, then the Ateneo Art Awards exhibit will be right up your alley. Established in 2003 to honor Fernando Zobel, founding patron of the Ateneo Art ...
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