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The award-winning journalist has taken on a new role in the United Nations.
Atom Araullo is an award-winning journalist and TV presenter. He’s also a commercial model and, lately, has tried his hand in acting. He also used to be a triathlete and appeared in children’s educational shows when he was younger.As if these things ...
That’s nearly 13 times the distance between the Earth and the sun!
Nearly one person every two seconds is forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflict or persecution, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).That’s an alarming number of people who have to endure long and dangerous journeys all over ...
This is getting out of hand.
We knew Citizen Jake would be a movie event, considering it is Mike de Leon’s first movie in almost two decades. But we didn’t expect his comeback to be both a cinematic event and a social media war. Here’s a look at ...
Proving once again that he’s the sort of guy that your wife would leave you for.
Goddammit, Atom Araullo. You could’ve just settled into a desk job like the rest of us, and your good looks would’ve still been an edge over everyone else. But no, you had to be a goddamn documentarian who travels the country and ...
UN Refugee Agency Advocate Atom Araullo visited refugees in surrounding areas.
More than 359,680 persons have been displaced as a result of the Marawi crisis. Their stories are each more tragic and and more courageous than the last, but it isn't over for them yet.Hope is not lost for survivors like Fatima, a mother ...
Warm, warmer, global warming.
While the concept of climate change isn’t exactly controversial anymore (or is it?), it appears like we’ve collectively stopped caring about it. There’s bigger things to worry about, and the weather isn’t one of them. It seems like we still need a ...
And other sound travel recommendations.
Atom Araullo has been to some of the most interesting destinations, and has a sharp eye for capturing the best details of his travels. The broadcast journalist’s Instagram reveals as much. Whether it's to travel to Arctic Norway to film his New ...
We can all learn something from Atom Araullo.
The last time we sat down with broadcast journalist Atom Araullo, he was on the cover of our March 2016 travel issue. This seems a good day as any to look back on this classic photoshoot, including these exclusive shots by Jason Quibilan ...
He is one lucky son of a gun.
Atom Araullo is the ultimate Esquire man: prepossesing but approachable, intelligent yet discerning. Of course, all of that is wrapped up in a seriously enviable veneer. Atom Araullo is, in today's vernacular, #goals—for men who are looking for someone to look up to and ...
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