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Is it real or fake?
If it’s real, it’s got to be the cheapest artwork ever sold by the painter on record.An alleged Juan Luna piece is currently being auctioned on Invaluable, an online auction house of artworks from around the world. The highest bid for the ...
A painting, presumably a boceto of "Spoliarium" by Juan Luna is about to be auctioned off on September 22, 2018, raising many questions about its authenticity and bringing public attention to the entire process of authentication.
About half of all paintings circulating in the world are estimated to be fake—and in the Philippines alone, the number could even be higher. The art market attracts its share of the criminally minded, and forgers go to great lengths to manufacture ...
Richie Lerma of Salcedo Auctions tells the compelling story of what could be the art find of the century.
The importance of Juan Luna's "Spoliarium" transcends its artistic significance, which is saying quite a lot. Widely considered to be Juan Luna's masterpiece, every Filipino schoolchild knows the work not only as the monumental painting that now occupies a place of honor ...
It's going up for auction soon.
Are you in the market for a new jacket? Do you have around a million dollars just burning a hole in your pocket? Are you a fan of the motion picture Star Wars? If you answered "yes" to all three of those questions, ...
We always knew our diecast model cars would fetch upwards of Php5,000 one day!
Quick: Name three discontinued Magnolia Frozen Delights. Or the most obscure G.I. Joe figure in your toy collection. Or a forgotten softdrink brand.I knew a guy who used these as bonus test questions for the college students he was teaching. “My parents ...
It came in at the price of three Porsches, and it was worth it.
We’ve introduced you to the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona before, and we were excited when we found out that one would be going up for auction here in the Philippines (not that we ever actually had a shot at it, really—it was ...
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