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Traveling with your pet is so much easier.
Traveling on a weekend road trip or just taking your pet somewhere isn’t always easy. You need to make your pet comfortable and make sure you protect your vehicle’s interiors. German brand Audi has solved this dilemma with an Audi-exclusive protective rear ...
It’s a refreshed version of the German marque’s bestselling sedan.
In 2016, I had the rare privilege of driving the Audi A4 in its home country of Germany. Not only did I get to take the midsize sedan on the famed autobahn, where I reached speeds of up to 180 to nearly ...
Consider the Audi Q2 when you’re ready for a German-made compact crossover.
When young professionals first start making money, their first big spend will invariably be either a downpayment on a home, or a car. Those choosing to buy a car will no doubt base their decision on factors such as function, reliability, and, ...
This car is all about its engine.
After the first Audi R8 came on the scene in 2006, it was quickly billed as the “everyday” supercar. Partly thanks to the familiarity of those four rings on the grille, its relative affordability compared to the mainly Italian alternatives and a ...
If car heaven was on earth, the new PGA Cars showroom would be it.
For people who go shopping for cars like they do for clothes or gadgets, here’s some good news. Four of the world’s most coveted car brands are now housed under one roof in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. PGA Cars Inc has ...
It's the luxury car company's first ever warehouse sale.
Planning to replace your current ride with something a little more toward the premium end of the automotive spectrum? Now might be the perfect time to do so, because Audi Philippines will soon be holding its first-ever factory warehouse sale.The sale will take place ...
Redesigning a well-loved vehicle is a daunting proposition, so Audi did the right thing by keeping the basic configuration while making noticeable improvements.
When it was introduced a decade ago, the first generation Audi Q5 hit all the right spots. It sported great looks, performed well on the road, and earned its stripes as a near-perfect mixed-use vehicle. Built with flexibility in mind—you could seat ...
On paper, the Audi Q2 is a compact SUV, but it really is so much more than that label implies.
Hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Mike Myers (as the goofball Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World), wondered out loud, “Was it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, ‘If you label me, you negate me’?” Of course, it’s the ...
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