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The senator's wife is in total control of her life.
On Audrey: Pink silk spaghetti strap top, Vivien Ramsay, Tropa Store; belt, Jun Escario, Greenbelt 5; tiered skirt, Robbie Santos.Photographs by ARTU NEPOMUCENOStyled by MEG MANZANO assisted by SOPHIA BERBANO CONCORDIAProduced by NICOLE LIMOS MORALES assisted by CHELSA GLORIAMakeup by CLAIRE SEELIN DIOKNOHair by RICK DIOKNOShot on location at HENRY HOTEL MANILAIt ...
At first she was mortified, and her husband, Senator Miguel Zubiri, exultant, but as far as surprises go, this one was definitely a success.
For his wife Audrey Tan-Zubiri’s birthday, Senator Miguel Zubiri decided to throw a truly unforgettable surprise party.In the video, a stunned Audrey opens the front door to a group of her closest family and friends greeting her a happy birthday. Audrey was ...
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