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Aljor Perreras of A Toda Madre gives us the 411 on this beloved Mexican spirit.
The lowdown on the Mexican liquor that is loved around the world. Aljor Perreras of A’Toda Madre gives us a crash course on the Mexican spirit.ESQUIRE: When was your first sip of tequila?ALJOR PERRERAS: Gosh, I don’t remember. I was maybe 16. ...
Food intel to make you a legit epicurean.
AdlaiThis little known grain is love at first bite for both chefs and curious eaters. Abundant in Mindanao and brought to the spotlight by the Department of Agriculture's Berna Romulo-Puyat, Adlai (or Job's Tears) was the star ingredient at the 2015 Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM). Everyone was singing praises for this ...
Three of Manila’s hottest establishments come up with craft tequila cocktails
Sipping a tequila is already a pleasure on its own, but who says you can’t have more fun with it and bring in more flavor? We asked three establishments to create off-the-menu tequila-based cocktails exclusively for Esquire. Here is what they’ve come ...
Tourism and economics and money and marketing efforts aside, would it really be so bad if the world never fell head over heels for Filipino cuisine?
Every time a foreign chef or authority on food comes over for a visit, they are inevitably bombarded with these questions: What do you think of Filipino food? Which Filipino restaurants have you tried? Why hasn’t Filipino cuisine been successful on a ...
Confessions of a failed vegetarian turned failed pescetarian.
The hardest thing to give up was steak. I was in third year high school when I decided to become a pescetarian. I read how if everyone were vegetarian, we would have enough land and crops to ensure that no one in ...
Crispy pata has come a long way from an attempt to feed a gang with an ignored ingredient, to a staple in Philippine cuisine.
Filipinos cannot claim to be the first to savor pork knuckles. Germans have always had their famous Eisbein (ice leg) or a boiled pickled pork knuckle. In the past few decades, the Germans have been also serving a baked knuckle with a ...
Ricky Carandang on how tequila, the original badass party drink, has grown up (a little) and has become (a little) finer. Recommendations afoot!
A friend of mine who is a whiskey drinker once told me that you can tell a lot about a man by what he drinks. Whiskey, like my friend, is an acquired taste. The first time you ever sip it you are ...
Desiderata Lounge is a fresh deviation from the noise and haze of the current nightlife scene
If you’re up to your ears in the bass-thumping, mindless drinking club scene that’s dominated Metro Manila’s nightlife for the past several years, take heart: Desiderata Lounge in Bonifacio Global City will restore your faith and have you grabbing your coat to ...
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