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Because it's not not-drinking that makes you a good guy.
High on the list of people one can never trust are bad drinkers—bad drunks, yes, but people who don’t drink at all are even less worthy of trust. It takes a good deal of confidence in onseself to be able to master ...
Or, rather, how to troll with the homies by Carlos Celdran
This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Esquire Philippines.I’m probably the most hated online personality to date.It started with the super-riveting Philippine elections in 2016, after I coined the word “Dutertard” to describe the “lazy” and “delusional” followers of ...
The controversial actor describes the angels and demons in his lifelong arch of stumble and stir.
Back when I was a college junior, I had a classmate who wrote a play with Baron Geisler in mind for the lead. It wasn’t some cutesy 15-minuter, mind you. It was a full-length piece, in iambic pentameter if I remember correctly, ...
Esquire takes the new Ford Everest on a road trip up north.
N is for narrow. The road to the north is not narrow at all. But it feels narrow, as all roads are narrow, as a straight, taut bridge to somewhere in the far distance is narrow, no matter how wide the bridge ...
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach shows us just how much work goes into being the most universally beautiful woman in the world, and how much of it is purely her.
There is not much to look at in a nearly empty, cavernous hotel ballroom: The skeletons of tables and chairs and pedestals and parties-past tucked against one wall, the pattern of the carpet careful not to off end, the heavy chandeliers alit ...
Author F.H. Batacan talks about how it began more than one decade ago. Here, she chats with Kara Ortiga about why human beings are a scary species, what to expect from her next novel, and her true passion for classical guitar.
As readers eagerly await the film adaptation of the critically acclaimed crime novel Smaller and Smaller Circles, author F.H. Batacan talks about how it began more than one decade ago. Here, she chats with Kara Ortiga about why human beings are a ...
We put the airfryer to the test.  
If you haven’t heard, the airfryer has made quite an impact with home costs. As it should: it promises you can do some serious deep-frying with little to no amount of oil which is a come-on in itself in this day and ...
Do you know where your whiskey has been?
Much ink—not to mention whiskey itself—has been spilled on the topic of age. The older a whiskey is, the better, we assume. This boom in NAS (shorthand for “No Age Statement”) whiskies has largely been borne out of necessity, as it seems ...
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