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More Filipino flavors Down Under.
The pandemic may have seriously hurt many businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but there are those who continue to push forward and trying to find ways to scale despite the challenges. Many industries are slowly trying to get back on ...
The Philippine Navy deployed its newest and most capable asset.
As China expands its hold over the Pacific, the Philippines is growing its list of potential strategic allies around the world. The move could be seen as an attempt not to over-rely on the United States when it comes to security issues. ...
Malaysia and Indonesia have opposed Australia’s bid. 
As mounting opposition to Australia’s bid to acquire nuclear submarines grows in Southeast Asia, the country finds an unlikely ally in the region: the Philippines—a country without submarines, but nonetheless an important voice that could tilt the cards in favor of Australia. Currently, ...
Aussie durian lovers are in for a treat.
Aussie durian lovers, listen up.The Philippines has shipped the first-ever batch of frozen durian from Davao to Australia. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the initial shipment of two varieties of durian called Puyat and Duyaya arrived at the Port of Melbourne ...
Lend a helping hand to the firefighters and koalas caught in the blaze.
The country of Australia is no stranger to bushfires, which can be traced back to as early as 1851, according to the Forest Fire Management of Victoria. The first recorded event took place on February 6, 1851, on what is now known ...
The sole Wolgan Villa at the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley offers a tranquil escape from the world.
Adventures and plush accommodations await guests at the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, set against a dramatic backdrop of unspoiled wilderness, waterfalls, and scenic cliffs of the Blue Mountains in Australia. On this private wildlife reserve, guests can embark on an ultra-luxe escape ...
Christopher Remkes' story is a source of inspiration for us all.
Christopher Remkes won the gold for men’s vault at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Filipino native made history by scoring 14.766 and 14.866, ending a 24-year dry spell for Australia.A post shared by Chris Remkes (@chrisremkes1) on Mar 18, 2018 at 12:35am ...
Can’t decide where to go for the holidays? Let this be your guide.
If you haven’t booked that ticket or decided on a place to escape for the holidays yet, here's our list to guide you in choosing where to spend the long Christmas break. We’ve scoured through countless travel guides, our notes from our ...
A new tool is here to ease travel anxiety
In modern day society, we have to consider the safety and risk factor of certain countries before deciding where to go on holiday. It can be a topic of concern for some but luckily the medical and security services firm International SOS have created ...
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