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This droptop doesn't compromise on speed
Convertible supercars have traditionally been about compromise. If you wanted the option of taking down the top to feel the sun and see all that Arizona sky, then you’d be paying the price on speed and feel compared with its coupé equivalent. ...
We hope so.
The Tesla electric pick-up truck is set to be officially unveiled later this year, but up to now any actual details have been very thin on the ground.Thankfully Turkish-Canadian designer Emre Husmen has stepped in to this information vacuum to offer his own interpretation ...
The fascinating history of how cars arrived in the Philippines.
An index of affluence for Filipino in the days of the American rule was the possession of an automobile. To this day, having a car—next to owning a house—continues to top the list of goals of every working Pinoy. The car industry ...
She loves adventure.
The adventure motorcycle: When it comes to riding, this vehicle is undoubtedly the pinnacle of two-wheeled versatility and utility. They can get you through terrain normal motorbikes wouldn’t dare traverse, and as a bonus you look damn good doing it.Of course, these go-anywhere motorcycles ...
Coco Martin now owns 11 motorcycles
There’s no doubt Coco Martin is now the undisputed king of media. The 37-year-old actor is one of the country’s most popular stars and his face is everywhere: from his endless TV show Ang Probinsyano to the main thoroughfares of Metro Manila ...
The documentarist hasn’t worked in almost three decades, sort of.
“Do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life,” or so goes the saying. That’s why when someone as acclaimed a journalist as Jay Taruc says he’s done doing award-winning documentaries, people scratch their heads. Hard. ...
It's time to break away from the past
Wini Camacho is no stranger to us. He is our kababayan who has made a name for himself as a designer at Mercedes-Benz. He also did something really cool for Top Gear PH when, in 2010, he sent us his sketches for ...
Do you agree with our picks?
Another year, another handful of worthwhile automotive arrivals to choose from. Granted, consumers were a little bit stingier this year due to the onset of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law (TRAIN)—but you’d hardly be able to tell with the ...
New brand ups Ayala's automotive portfolio to six.
It’s been whispered about for months, but it’s finally official: Korean automotive company Kia is making a comeback in the Philippines through Ayala Corporation. The announcement was made in a press briefing on Monday, December 17.AC Automotive, Ayala Corp's automobile business company ...
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