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'Tis the season of breaking windows and taking stuff.
The season of giving always seems to go hand in hand with the season of taking. Criminals are back on the streets, preying on belongings and gifts they see inside parked cars.The dreaded "basag-kotse" gang is active once again attacking shopping malls, wet ...
Based on DOE's latest test
The Department of Energy (DOE) recently held its 13th Fuel Economy Run in Clark, Pampanga. Numerous carmakers volunteered their units, with over 50 participating vehicles across different segments taking part in the test.The run covered the following route: Petron Service Station Clark–SCTEX–TPLEX ...
Feeling flash, James?
While Bond 25 is still without a director, confirmed title or leading lady, 007's next ride might have just been unveiled and it looks...Very fast.Introducing the new, improved and very luminous 2019 Vantage, Aston Martin's latest addition to one of its most popular and powerful models, ...
The British car company has signed a deal with Coventry Motors Corporation after a six-month break
Six months after the local Jaguar and Land Rover dealership closed down, the British luxury car brands are back in the country, this time, under a new distribution and importation company.Coventry Motors Corporation (CMC) signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Jaguar Land ...
Some things were better the way they used to be.
The recent resurgence of ‘90s style has us all excited to see our childhood icons making their comebacks. It got us thinking: Which old-school cars would we like to see being sold in dealerships again in brand-new condition?In the spirit of nostalgia, here’s a ...
Back in the day when all we had to think of was how to save for a set of wheels.
If we looked at university parking lots two decades ago, we would have been struck by how limited the automotive badges were in diversity. It was understandable though, considering carmakers had only begun returning to our market after the People Power Revolution of 1986. ...
The Texas company teased its design in a new video
The fastest production car in the world is the 2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, which clocks a high speed of 267 mph. The new 2017 Bugatti Chiron is fast too, at 261 mph—and that's when it is electronically limited. But Bugatti ...
Classic Speed, a go-to of car enthusiasts all over the world, can take your rusty, decrepit muscle car and return it to its former glory
Two old Mustangs gleaming in the mid-morning sun greet me as I pull up just outside a warehouse at the Special Economic Zone in Clark Field, Pampanga. The cars are technically old: one's a 1966 Fastback in jet black, and the other ...
Classic KIA Pride.
1| My father placed me barebutt on the gentle dome of our brand-new Beetle. It was a company car. Presumably, he had chosen it over car models for its warmth and its charm. It was tan-colored, the color of a human breast. ...
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