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The Ayala Museum opens an online tour of its priceless collections and pieces.
The Ayala Museum, the six-storey repository of priceless pieces of Filipino heritage and history, is one of the most accessible cultural hubs in Metro Manila. Now that it's closed for renovations, followers of the museum (and, most especially, history geeks) still have ...
Artist Gus Albor and CRWN collaborate on a one-of-a-kind art and music event
Museums are typically serene, quiet places that often seem reserved only for the reserved.Not the Ayala Museum earlier this month, when online music platform Bandwagon put together celebrated minimalist artist Gus Albor and beatmaker/producer CRWN in Creative Nights, a special one-night only music ...
Higgins gives us a glimpse into pre-Hispanic history.
Artist Mark Lewis Higgins is giving us a visual history lesson by way of his first exhibition in 12 years, entitled “Gold In Our Veins.” This foray back into the art scene is nothing short of a grand welcome with the generous ...
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