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Here's the true story behind the grifter who created the biggest boy bands of the late 20th century.
Before Lou Pearlman was exposed as a grifter of the finest degree and an orchestrator of one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, he was a star-maker. He put together acts like Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and O-Town and transformed Orlando ...
And what are they even doing here?
Remember your college girlfriend’s obsession with the Backstreet Boys? To impress her, you had to have knowledge of the lyrics to “I Want it That Way” and “Quit Playing Games With My Heart,” which was not hard to accomplish, because they were ...
One superfan sits down with the men who were once the biggest boy band in the world.
If I could go back in time and tell young Justin that he would be sitting a foot across from the Backstreet Boys in 2019, interviewing them about their new album, he would have passed out. The Backstreet Boys? No way. But if I ...
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" is the group's first single in five years.
All these reboots and reunions and revamps—it's a parade of nostalgia, and just as I don't think I can handle anymore, the news drops: The Boys are back in town. And by The Boys, I mean the Backstreet ones. And by town, ...
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