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It's a fried and tested theory.
These days, I can’t remember exactly how I got into the paleo diet, but it had something to do with those hideous 5-finger shoes. Maybe I saw some English tourists wearing them around and googled to find out what the deal was, ...
We pit artisan and supermarket bacon against each other in this meaty taste test.
Some wise person some indeterminate time ago said the now immortal words: “Everything is better with bacon.” While this may be true, we have to admit that not all bacon is created equal. There are slabs, there are crispy-thin. There are dry-cured, ...
Now you’ll always have bacon in your kitchen.
Everything is better with homemade bacon. Why settle for a transparent pack of frozen cured meat with no provenance and more fat than meat, when you can select your own cut from your butcher and get to call your bacon artisanal.IngredientsInstructionsThis article ...
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