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Baguio has lost much of its old charm. Perhaps reducing traffic will bring it back.
This is a long time coming. Half of Session Road in Baguio City will be closed to vehicular traffic every Sunday beginning August 4, 2019.Finally, there will be some respite from the noxious fumes that blanket the city’s main thoroughfare and CBD. ...
"Sh*t." "Leche." "P*t*ngina." "T*n*ina." You may not hear these words anymore as soon as you step into schools, computer shops, and arcades in Baguio City. This comes after Mayor Mauricio Domogan ratified the Anti-Profanity Ordinance, which prohibits "cursing, cussing, expressing insults, whether ...
Can’t decide where to go for the holidays? Let this be your guide.
If you haven’t booked that ticket or decided on a place to escape for the holidays yet, here's our list to guide you in choosing where to spend the long Christmas break. We’ve scoured through countless travel guides, our notes from our ...
The general manager of Cirkulo, Azuthai, Milky Way, and Tsukiji lists her top recommendations in Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sapporo, and Baguio, among others.
My best discovery in Osaka is not a restaurant, but a person. Kuniyoshi Okamoto, or Kuni to his legion of Pinoy friends, manages the M chain of restaurants that serves consistently high-quality Matsusaka beef. He has become Osaka’s most popular point person ...
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