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In line with the 50th anniversary of Ballet Philippines, T&C catches up with the spirited woman who started it all.
National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes, founder and current artistic director of Ballet Philippines, is every bit the individual you’d expect her to be. She is a cresting wave; a force of power and grace crowned by a bold shock of white ...
How artistic director Alice Reyes is leading Ballet Philippines into its biggest season yet.
A number of internationally renowned ballet companies have been going live on Facebook today, October 2, hosting a campaign known as World Ballet Day. This celebration of ballet gives audiences the opportunity to take a virtual peek into the lives of these artists from various ...
Why the 'Don Quixote' ballet is as iconic as the novel.
Giselle can easily be considered the ballet world’s great tragedy, while The Nutcracker it’s best seasonal performance. Among the ranks of these iconic ballets is Don Quixote, taking its place as the art form’s version of a romantic comedy for its amusing ...
You will never watch a ballet the same way again.
In learning to appreciate ballet, one would have to imagine the backstage processes to further understand it. The months of preparation are a picture of endless blisters, iced buckets for aching feet, and days spent attempting to revive the choreography of a ...
Swan Lake will be celebrating its 140th anniversary on March 4, 2017.
Chalk it up to Natalie Portman in Black Swan or some other cultural osmosis—even if you know next to nothing about ballet, you probably know enough about Swan Lake. Some works are so influential they endure through countless interpretations, ranging from innocent to uncanny. You could glimpse variations without ever encountering the original ...
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