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The 113-year-old German luxury company is releasing a four-piece accessories collection with the cult-status Japanese streetwear brand.
The best collabs, in our experience, are those in which distant worlds somehow collide with spectacular—and memorable—results. Typically, the most engaging projects combine something crazy mass with something impossibly niche, or mash street style up with unimpeachable luxury. More often than not, ...
Swatch international vice president and COO Gonzalo De Cevallos talks collabs, streetwear, and relevance.
For 36 years, Swatch has remained on top of its game and continues to show no signs of slowing down. To prove this, the brand launched two new collections to much excitement: the Big Bold Collection and a collaboration with BAPE. Both ...
Camo print and shark motif on cleats, gloves, and sleeves.
The crossover of fashion and sports has had a long, illustrious career. Basketball sneakers, baseball caps, track jackets—all of them have become street-style staples. And now, thanks to loosening up league-dictated restrictions, street style is making its way right onto the football ...
The Franco-Swiss watchmaker is part of a star-studded gang of 25 collaborators.
It's BAPE's 25th! To celebrate the milestone, the maker of very cool Japanese streetwear—think Ape Head, Bape Camo, Shark Hoodie, Baby Milo—the Tokyo-based label collaborates with 25 partners, a star-studded cast of well-wishers, from Adidas to Barbie.This may just be the best ...
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