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Number 44 just rocked a floral Fendi button-up to celebrate his 60th.
Florals for spring or summer? Not groundbreaking, suffice it to say. But florals on Barack Obama? Now that’s something unexpected. Last week, the former president celebrated his 60th birthday in Martha’s Vineyard. There was a little kerfuffle surrounding the soiree due to ...
There are some seriously deep cuts on this mix.
It’s that time of year again, folks. Barack Obama, the renowned playlist curator, booklist creator, and former President of the United States, has just dropped his summer reading list. A time-honored American tradition by now, Barry O’s reading lists are as reliable ...
Want to channel his style? Check out his go-to brand for shades, Oliver Peoples.
Barack Obama: expert thrower of shade, and expert wearer of shades. The man speaks, and the world listens. He puts on a pair of sunglasses, as he did earlier this week, and the world gazes in awe at how damn cool the ...
44's wardrobe passes the litmus test for a third term.
Heads were scratched when George W. Bush rode to a second term in 2004. Despite Iraq, and despite having the linguistic capability of a GCSE creative writing class, the 43rd president clung onto another four years. That's because, allegedly, he was the ...
Taking eco-friendly fashion seriously but without preaching about it, Allbirds point to a bright future for ethical brands.
Earlier this week, Barack Obama was spotted wearing a pair of black trainers while on holiday with his family in France. You might have recognized them, because it was the same pair that he teamed with a "44" emblazoned bomber jacket to ...
The Teach for the Philippines founder was chosen from over 20,000 community leaders.
When former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the Obama Foundation's inaugural batch of Fellows on Instagram last April, the country was thrilled for Teach for the Philippines CEO and founder Clarissa Delgado, who was chosen from over 20,000 from 191 countries.The ...
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