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Add this restaurant and bar to your list. They have private rooms, too.
Food and entertainment, malls, and restaurants took the heaviest blow during the pandemic. Because of limited gatherings and restrictions on dining out, many businesses were forced to shut. But while some may have closed, new ones have started to open now that ...
Gone, but not forgotten.
Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but the first gig I ever made the effort to catch at Route 196 was Jimmy Bondoc in the mid-2000s. Of course, back then the place still went by the name Border Grill, and there may have ...
The familiar music bar, home to many OPM bands, is ending a 15-year run.
Route 196, home of live music from some of the country’s best independent bands and artists, is closing its doors after 15 years. A tweet hinted at the bar’s closing, with a video of the words “All Roads Lead to Route 196” in ...
The announcement was made by Marc Soong, one of its owners.
Moksha, a watering hole in San Juan, has dimmed its lights for good, another victim of the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.Its managing partner, Marc Soong, bid goodbye to the 18-year-old neighborhood bar in a post on Facebook. By day, ...
If there’s a will, there’s a way.
You can get almost anything delivered straight to your house these days, and it only took a pandemic for it to happen. Even night owls who miss having a few drinks out on the town can now get their favorite drinks brought ...
And Brownman Revival played.
A long, long time ago, like, say, 15 years ago, there was a bar along Timog Avenue called Xaymaca. It was a typical watering hole that served cheap beer and greasy food, but mostly it became popular for hosting gigs from a ...
This secret bar is the perfect venue for your next party
The Bevvy by Don Revy is a stockroom-turned-ideal showcase for the owners’ line-up of wine and spririts, so ideal that their clients just started drinking their bottles right there.There is no signage from the street, and the location is the last place ...
Hey Brew wants to change the way the Greenhills crowd dines and drinks.
A few decades ago, the Greenhills complex in Ortigas was a watering hole where college kids partook of Tia Maria’s Zombies and Weng-Wengs while their high school counterparts were at the spacious parking lot chugging on beers. For those who wanted to ...
We present 10 hiding grounds for the young and aging titos of the world.
One step into Poblacion, the inuman capital of Metro Manila, and you’ll find yourself amid a crowd of young energetic yuppies looking to get wasted at the next hottest bar on the block—and there are many. Poblacion is chock full of dive ...
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