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Beach barbecues, beer, and your own music make this island a perfect paradise for campers and glampers.
Just an hour away from Puerto Galera is the untouched virgin beaches of Verde Island, also commonly known as Isla Verde. The island has escaped destructive commercial development, but there are a few licensed resorts in it. Isla Verde's crystal clear blue waters and white ...
Escape to these Batangas beach resorts, which are a drive away from Manila.
Batangas is a dependable destination for impromptu weekend getaways. Given all its beachy options, it's only natural that it's top-of-mind when you feel like dropping everything for some fun in the sand.Getting there takes about three hours on a good day. Here ...
Before its construction, the point was notoriously dangerous for sailors, fishermen, and ship pilots for its rocky coastline.
The Philippines has engaged in trade as early as the second century. First with the Chinese and then, of course, the Manila Galleon. From 1565 to 1815, Spanish trading ships traveled across the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to Mexico. The galleons ...
There's an ideal venue for every type of wedding.
ManilaFor a traditional church wedding, Manila has a number of religious landmarks that hold a remarkable history tied to impeccable age-old walls and stained-glass windows. In Quiapo, the Basilica Menor de San Sebastian makes a great choice for its ancient architecture and ...
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