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Turn back time with Bea, Catriona, and Katrina.
What’s that? The world is burning? Ah, yes. Just another day in our new nightmare reality. Because we all need a break from the flood of posts, statistics, and sound-bites saying how humanity is waist-deep in muck right now, we’ve decided to ...
After putting her mark on the heart-roiling Filipino genre, the actress is setting her sights on bigger and bolder things.
We’re following Bea Alonzo up and down a hotel hallway like a dolly crew on a movie set. We pause as she poses by a window, and roll on as she advances toward the next photo. In this setup, she’s been told ...
You won't be able to sleep with the lights on.
Eerie, the 2018 supernatural horror film directed by Mikhail Red, has been available for streaming on Netflix since July 26, 2019. And, as it turns out, people across continents have been taking notice of the movie.One viewer wrote on Twitter, "I thought ...
Netizens said the social media post was done in bad taste.
Grab Philippines has apologized for a social media post that made light of the controversy involving celebrities Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo and Julia Barretto.The post featured photos of six female celebrities, all of whom have been romantically linked to Anderson, along with ...
Director Mikhail Red exploits our fear and lets it work itself into the movie.
Eerie is a refreshing take on Philippine horror flicks because it does away with the usual elements we've seen in Filipino horror movies—cursed items, cursed places, superstitions—it bears none of these clichés. Instead, it builds on something many of us have been ...
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