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No matter your facial hair situation.
Ah, growing a beard. It's something pretty much every guy has considered. Some, well, they've already gone for it. You can identify them, even. (It's the beard; the beard is the giveaway.) But if you've been stuck in the consideration phase for ...
It’s the beard necessities.
Growing a beard isn’t the hard part—it’s maintaining it that’s tough. There’s a fine line between a rugged and ragged look. Your beard needs the right amount of moisture and nutrients to stay healthy, and that means investing in the right beard-care ...
The actor looked 20 years younger at Venice Film Festival this week.
Jim Carrey shaved his beard for the Venice Film Festival and ho. lee. shit. The dude looks like a fresh-faced, 20-years-younger version of himself. It wasn't just a shave—this was a freaking metamorphosis.The 55-year-old actor was photographed at the festival where he's ...
You lucky sonofagun.
If you're one of the lucky Filipino men blessed with facial hair, you might want to make sure you can keep it groomed. Going for the lumberjack meets Yosemite Sam look? Well, we know exactly how to fix your unkept man shrub.Eliminate ...
The painstaking journey of producing facial hair deserves proper maintenance.
Sure, you have the basics down pat—hair, nails, scent, crisp, clean shirt, tailored pants, quality shoes—but chances are, your facial hair only gets a cursory wash or a little bit of shabby shaping with a disposable razor. Here's how to make the ...
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